"I founded the Academy with one clear vision - to revolutionise the portrait photography industry by helping photographers be valued, rewarded and absolutely loving what they do." 


Hi I'm Mary Trantino and founder of the Photography Business Academy.
I provide training and coaching to wonderfully creative photographers who struggle with the business side of their business!  


My goal is to make your studio fun and profitable with a strong focus on marketing, sales and customer service.


I look forward to working with you to help transform your business with confidence.
Love Mary Trantino xxx

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Hear from other portrait photographers who have transformed their businesses:

"Mary is an absolute super star! She is honest and that's what most of us photographers need - her opinion always has valid points and believe me IT WORKS! She is such a pleasure to work with and I can hand on heart say I have a successful business today because of her programme." Paige Maree
"Thanks to Mary I was finally able to take my photography business on full time with confidence in my new model and prices that could sustain my business and support my family. Couldn't recommend her highly enough!" Leoni Heasli

"Mary knows her stuff and is so much fun to work with!! Her energy and drive to grow your business into a profitable one and ensure your offering an amazing experience/product to your clients is contagious and inspiring. My business has changed gears and my pricing has doubled since working with Mary. My leads are also qualified and I know they want to spend before they even have their shoot. It’s no longer a guessing game or a gamble. Thank god for Mary - Life changing!"   Stacey Appleyard

"Almost a year and a half i was lucky enough to start working with Mary. Right from the start Mary had a genuinely interest how together we are going to grow my business. Mary tailored the training to my business needs and makes it easy to understand. My business continues to grow thanks to all the great guides and training that Mary has given me. Thank you for all you amazing work Mary."   Phil Staines


"Mary taught me the importance of correctly educating my clients, and how presenting simplified pricing structures teamed with the right presentation layout designed to sell, gives the perfect balance for high sales and client who love you and your brand." Belle Young

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This One Hour Photography Coaching Call is perfect for portrait photographers to determine what challenges you are facing in your studio and how to overcome them.

For example, you're at a certain point with your studio and you know how need to move forward however you're not sure on what steps to take.

This purposeful conversation is targeted to implementing the strategies immediately.


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