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The Photography Business Academy provides training and coaching to wonderfully creative photographers who struggle with the business side of their business!  
We deliver a number of business courses to perfectly suit where you are at in your Photography Business.
Transitioning from a corporate or full time - whether you are working full-time in a job you hate and wanting to transition over to having your Photography business - 12 Weeks to Selling with Confidence course. Each one-and-a-half session is an interactive, one-on-one and full of practical advice. With easy-to-implement strategies between weekly sessions, you'll see growth, both personally and professionally, immediately.   
The Photography Business Academy is making Professional Photography fun and profitable with a strong focus on exceptional client-focused experiences. Mary Trantino is passionate about revolutionising the photography industry. Being born into a culture where serving others is a Number #1 priority. Mary sees very quickly when this is lacking in a business and the financial loss as a direct result.
The Photography Business Academy was founded in 2014 after Mary Trantino had owned and managed the top portrait studios in Melbourne for over 10 years. As we transformed into a digital world, Mary saw a gap in the market emerge and widen. Existing photographers were resistant to change and evolve and newcomers lack of the business confidence and knowledge.