"I am passionate about revolutionising the photography industry."

Hi I'm Mary Trantino, the founder of the Photography Business Academy.

I founded the Academy with one clear vision - to revolutionise the portrait photography industry by helping photographers be valued, rewarded and absolutely loving what they do. I do this by creating systems for your business model, marketing and service delivery to gain confidence as a photographer AND a business person.


The Academy photography coaching for creative photographers who perhaps struggle with the business side of their business. AND THAT'S OK! You're the photographer. But we're not all born with the business skills to run a successful business as well as being great photographers.

My goal is to make your photography fun and exciting - just the way it should be. But that's only half of the story of running a business. I ensure the other half of your business is working by making it profitable with a strong focus on exceptional client experiences.

I founded the Photography Business Academy in 2014 having owned and managed the top portrait studios in Melbourne for over 10 years. I owned and operated two Starshots Portrait Studios for 7 years and then managed Ella+Friends Photography for 5 years.

Having met many other photographers, it killed me to see many of them struggling to stay in business. Using this knowledge and experience in the industry, I developed my photography coaching courses to help talented photographers do what they love - photographing while making the money they deserve from their business.

All of our courses are a 'HOW TO' courses in running a profitable portrait studio. They are designed to work around your studio and personal schedule so you don't have to close your doors to attend the coaching. It is also designed to implement immediately whilst having to my knowledge and support.

I'm your partner in business. I look forward to working with you to achieve the success you deserve.

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Mary Trantino, Founder


"Mary knows her stuff and is so much fun to work with!! Her energy and drive to grow your business into a profitable one and ensure your offering an amazing experience/product to your clients is contagious and inspiring. My business has changed gears and my pricing has doubled since working with Mary. My leads are also qualified and I know they want to spend before they even have their shoot. It’s no longer a guessing game or a gamble. Thank god for Mary - Life changing!"   Stacey Appleyard