"When I first approached Mary for advice, I was in a desperate position, and felt like I had poured my heart and soul into trying every angle and variation of an idea to market my photography brand. Mary was my last hope, if she couldn't help me, I was to find a soul crushing 9-5 job to make ends meet. I approached Mary with the intention to throw myself into any suggestion or idea and to follow her advice 100%, whether my "instincts" agreed with what I was being advised or not. These "instincts" were tested a few times, and there were strategies I was sure wouldn't work in a "small town", let alone Tasmania. I promised myself I wouldn't hold back, and I didn't, I followed everything to the letter, everything. Each time I "jumped in the deep end" and came up floating, I was on a high and it reinforced I was following the right leader in the industry, and despite others convincingly claiming that these methods wouldn't get you the numbers, Mary was proving to me it can be done, and we were doing it, and the numbers were high! I had never earned so much money in my life, and I was working less! A lot less!

Fast forward one year, I have strong strategies in place not only all year round, but in winter, the "quiet" time, I have more time with my family, better time management, a strong confidence in myself and my brand, and I have developed such personable skills for not only my clients, but the business world, where alliances are so important to the success of a business. I went from rushing clients through sessions as I tried to juggle my time management, to spending hours getting to know everything about my client, their children, pets, home life, what their favourite topping is on their toast! Mary showed me the importance of correctly educating my clients, and how presenting simplified price structures teamed with the right presentation layout designed to sell, gives the perfect balance for high sales and clients that love you and your brand!

Learning valuable styling advice for our photographic artwork has been imperative, and I've developed such a strong interest and confidence in these areas personally, I have been developing those skills further with interior design. Even my house has completely transformed through this knowledge! The past year has seen such a growth not only in the business, but me personally as well. We have been able to tick goals off our bucketlist we thought we would be doing towards retirement age, from a 10-day family tour around Japan, to purchasing our first brand new car!

If a fortune teller had of told me this is where I would be a year later, I would not have believed it. Mary handed me the tools to success, and it has been an exciting journey taking those reins independently with fresh ideas. If I'm ever in doubt about a new strategy, I know Mary will always be there equipt with an experienced outlook, and with her own behind the scenes determination to be a leader in the industry, I know I will always have a "silent partner" who stays up to date and tests the market with the latest trends, ideas, and strategies.

Mary is my best kept secret!"

Belle Young, BeYoung Photography, Tasmania, Australia.

"Mary is an absolute super star! She is honest and that's what most of us photographers need - her opinion always has valid points and believe me IT WORKS! She is such a pleasure to work with and I can hand on heart say I have a successful business today because of her programme." Paige Maree


"Thanks to Mary I was finally able to take my photography business on full time with confidence in my new model and prices that could sustain my business and support my family. Couldn't recommend her highly enough!" Leoni Heasli


"Mary knows her stuff and is so much fun to work with!! Her energy and drive to grow your business into a profitable one and ensure your offering an amazing experience/product to your clients is contagious and inspiring. My business has changed gears and my pricing has doubled since working with Mary. My leads are also qualified and I know they want to spend before they even have their shoot. It’s no longer a guessing game or a gamble. Thank god for Mary - Life changing!"   Stacey Appleyard

"Almost a year and a half i was lucky enough to start working with Mary. Right from the start Mary had a genuinely interest how together we are going to grow my business. Mary tailored the training to my business needs and makes it easy to understand. My business continues to grow thanks to all the great guides and training that Mary has given me.
Thank you for all you amazing work Mary."   Phil Staines

"Mary is a driven individual who has the uncanny ability to come up with fast, creative ideas that prosper into value-add initiatives. She is motivational, but more importantly, will make amazing changes happen."  Christina Rose