Passion 2 Profits Course

The Photography Business Academy provides training and coaching to people who are wonderfully creative photographers but struggle with the business side of their business!  

We deliver a 12 week training program. Each one-and-a-half session is an interactive, one-on-one and full of practical advice. With easy-to-implement strategies between weekly sessions, you'll see growth, both personally and professionally, immediately.   

The FOCUSED Twelve Week Turn Around Training Schedule includes:

Finding your Purpose: Understanding your Photography Studio Purpose from the Clients Point of View

Organising your Financials: Unpacking the financials including templates and spreadsheets to record measurable daily, weekly and monthly statistics that will be managed each week on the calls.

Customer Service Key: How to qualify your clients, how to attend to each enquiry from various sources (phone, FB and email), how to attend a design consultation, and how to quote over the phone and in the design consultation before the day of the photo shoot

Customer Service Key Continued: Review of recorded Bookings Calls and training on Excitement Calls

Customer Service Key Continued: Review of another booking call and review of a recorded excitement call. Handling any objections or fears that are in the way at this stage.

Unique Selling Proposition: Why should clients choose you? How to provide a red carpet service from the moment the client calls to well after the client collects. All the 1%’s in customer service and studio appearance that makes all the difference.

Shooting for Purpose and Selling Emotionally: How to design the photo shoot that even the Photographer thanks you for! Sales Techniques that work!

Selling Emotionally Continued: Handling Objections and review from Tues 10/2 after a week of sales including ProSelect best uses for creating artwork that sells.

Expand your brand: Handling the collection experience, what to provide the day the client leaves with their artwork and what to provide the very next day that turns them into raving fans that refer their family and friends. How to have them returning to you.

Don’t Stop Doing IT!!: revision of the entire course, guided by you on what is and isn’t working, breaking through further blocks and setting you up to fly solo!




Cost of the FOCUSED Training Program is AUD$4998 including GST. 

Each training session is taken via a Skype video call for 1.5 hours at a time.

You can choose to take the 12 sessions weekly or fortnightly for the maximum results.

All session dates are booked in advance so that you secure your weekly or fortnightly times.

During the course, you have access to emailing me with any questions, concerns, wins and exciting results!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary xoxo

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