Build A Better Photography Business Seminar


PITCH -  Learn what type of people are still prepared to spend money on a Professional Photographer

PRICE - Learn and understand the different price points that appeal to your market but won’t send you broke

PRESENT - Creating the right product range that your clients will fall in love with and can’t live without!

All the marketing in the world can't help you get better sales. The only way to increase the amount of money your client will spend with you when they see your photographs is to prepare and educate them before their photo shoot.

The easiest way to do this without the awkward STICKER SHOCK re the price of your images is to:

1. PITCH for the right client, the one who understands the value of a Professional Photographer.

2. PRICE your products that not only matches the highest quality finishes, but that matches the unforgettable experience they will have with you during the photoshoot.

3. PRESENT your products so that you client can easily identify with having them in their home.

I am presenting these three top things you should learn before seeing your next client on the following dates in July:

Monday 15th, Monday 22nd & Monday 29th.

TIME: 10am - 1pm

Choose one of these Monday's in July that suits you and reserve your seat by booking here. Build a better Photography business today!


I am so excited to be holding these seminars at the offices of Global Image Products in Maribrynong. I have known Alan and Mark for over 10 years and am honoured to be partnering with GIP so that together we can help your Photography Business become a source of income as well as creating a lifestyle for you and your family.

Your ticket price is just $28 to reserve your seat also includes much needed coffee and teas to kick off the learning and something yummy to eat to fuel the mind. 

I can't wait to see you all, x Mary