#46 The perfect questions to ask to find a high paying client

In this Photography Business Course podcast, I (Mary) teach you the perfect questions to gain a high paying client.

Please note that is podcast was recorded during a live to air radio show. There may be reference to my business being 'Love it, Swipe it, Wrap it' - since then I have re-branded to the 'Photography Business Academy'.

My radio show co-host, Tom Putt, is also my partner and together we built Ella+Friends Photography (portrait studio) which went on to be sold after six years for over 6 figures $$!!

This is a light hearted show packed with information on how to build your studio from the ground up or maybe you are ready to revamp your existing photography business.

Grab a pen and paper for the 'gold nugget' information that I refer to during the show that could be the very thing to get you going!

Duration - 1 hour

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