3rd, 4th, 5th SEPTEMBER 2018


Anyone can photograph dogs (pet owners included!), but to be a successful Dog Photographer in Business requires more than buying a camera and having a dog!

Mary Trantino, founder of the Photography Business Academy, together with Paige McCuskey, owner of Jordyn Photography are selecting just SIX Photographers to attend their TELL-ALL three day workshop on the business and art of Dog Photography.

This seminar is PAWFECT for Photographers who:

  • Want to create a full-time business photographing dogs
  • Want to learn hands on in a small like-minded group
  • Are at start up stage or re-inventing stage of their business
  • Need to stop making mistakes and start making money

This is a hands on workshop where you will learn what it takes to make it as a Professional Dog Photographer and the Seven Keys to a Successful and Profitable Business:


W-ho is your ideal client? Find out exactly who your client is and what they really want in a pet photographer

O-ut listen your competitors. Learn this key element in converting your enquiries to qualified bookings.

O-nly shoot what you want to sell. No more shooting blind and hoping the client will love them. Learn the top shots that sell every time and how to get them.

F-ocus on the clients experience. Learn how to make your clients experience so amazing that they can't stop talking about you and are blown away with your service so much so that they spend big!

E-xcite your client to buy. Show what you want to sell. Create a product range and price list that excites your client to buy.

R-etain your clients and learn how to have them re-book with you and learn the best referral system ever!

S-ell with confidence. Shooting to sell is half the battle, selling with confidence is your next challenge. Learn how to use Pro Select like a Pro.



DAY 1 - BOOKINGS - 3rd September 2018

9am – arrive, meet the workshop leaders and other participants

9:30 – Mary Trantino introduction:

  • Mary will introduce you to the world of dog photography as a business.
  • Mary will talk you through the steps it took to take a working studio from photographing children to fully photographing dogs.
  • How to get your studio dog ready
  • Who is your client and what top three problems you solve for them
  • How to grade your clients A-D to help qualify them as a high paying client

10:30 – Morning Tea (Provided)

11:00 – Setting up your marketing to attract the right client

  • Key words to use in your marketing
  • What to post on Facebook and what not to post!
  • How to use Facebook to help find your ideal client

11:45 – Converting your enquiries into Bookings

  • How to respond to your enquiries in most effective and timely way
  • What to say on the phone and what NOT to say
  • How to form a connection on the phone so strong that they will take a day off work just to have a photo shoot with you!

12:30 – LUNCH

1:30 – Bookings continued

  • A run through a bookings checklist that will take the stress out of your calls
  • Get access to the bookings blueprint that works every time
  • Learn what one question to ask that will give you all the answers you need!
  • Listen in on a recorded booking call

3pm – Afternoon tea

3:30pm – Ask All, Tell All

  • Ask your questions and all will be answered!
  • Share your experiences to see where the road blocks may be


DAY 2 – STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY - 4th September 2018

9am – arrive, coffee/tea

9:30 – Paige McCuskey introduction:

  • Why Jordyn Photography is such a successful studio
  • Little about Paige and how she got to where she is now
  • Building a studio from the ground up
  • How to deal with all types clients 
  • What to expect when you are a dog photographer

10:30 – Morning Tea (Provided)

11:00 – Letting the dogs loose in the studio!

  • How to direct your clients as well as directing the dog/s
  • Controlling the direction and angle of lighting and noticing the difference
  • How to shoot a black dog on black background and how to shoot a white dog on a white background
  • Camera settings for black backgrounds 
  • Camera settings for white background 
  • Lighting settings for black and white backgrounds 
  • Lighting techniques with one light only
  • Getting the correct exposure for a variety of dog coats (smooth, shinny, rough, fluffy etc)
  • Tricks to get your dog/s looking where you want
  • Learn how to get the top 3 shots that will sell every time to your clients

12:30 – LUNCH (provided)

1:30 – Shooting for Purpose

  • Introducing props
  • Posing people and dogs
  • Hands on participant practice – your turn to shoot!

3pm – Afternoon tea (Provided)

3:30pm – Ask All, Tell All

  • Ask your questions and all will be answered!

    DAY 3 - SALES - 5th September 2018

    9am – arrive, coffee/tea

    9:30 – Studio Set Up

    • What are the essentials in your sales room?
    • Projector display vs TV/Computer display
    • Artwork/product displays – what works best and in what finish
    • Pricing your products

    10:30 – Morning Tea (Provided)

    11:00 – ProSelect Software Training

    • Setting up ProSelect to maximize it’s potential use
    • How to create artwork templates
    • How to set up your shopping cart that makes it easy to order
    • Importing your photos and creating an emotional and exciting presentation
    • The 5 top ways people make decisions and how to work with them.

    12:30 – LUNCH

    1:30 – ProSelect and Sales

    • A-Z of the best sales presentation using ProSelect that works!
    • How to use room view
    • How to handle and eliminate sales objections.

    3pm – Afternoon tea

    3:30pm – Ask All, Tell All

    • Ask your questions and all will be answered!
    • Share your experiences to see where the road blocks may be


    Introducing Mary Trantino

    Hi I'm Mary Trantino, the founder of the Photography Business Academy.

    I founded the Academy with one clear vision - to revolutionise the portrait photography industry by helping photographers be valued, rewarded and absolutely loving what they do. I do this by creating systems for your business model, marketing and service delivery to gain confidence as a photographer AND a business person.


    The Business Academy specialises in coaching for creative photographers who perhaps struggle with the business side of their business. AND THAT'S OK! You're the photographer. But we're not all born with the business skills to run a successful business as well as being great photographers.

    My goal is to make your photography fun and exciting - just the way it should be. But that's only half of the story of running a business. I ensure the other half of your business is working by making it profitable with a strong focus on exceptional client experiences.

    I founded the Photography Business Academy in 2014 having owned and managed the top portrait studios in Melbourne for over 10 years. I owned and operated two Starshots Portrait Studios for 7 years and then managed Ella+Friends Photography for 5 years just specialising in the photography of DOGS!

    Having met many other photographers, it killed me to see many of them struggling to stay in business. Using this knowledge and experience in the industry, I developed my photography coaching courses to help talented photographers do what they love - photographing while making the money they deserve from their business.


    Introducing Paige McCuskey

    Hi, Im Paige McCuskey, the owner and Head Photographer of Jordyn Photography.

    Jordyn Photography was born after professionally photographing for other studios for over 10 years. My favourite genre to photograph is DOGS! I just love them! 

    I have been photographing dogs for over 5yrs now and absolutely love the joy that my clients experience when they see their beloved fur child playing for the camera and showing their unique personality to me. 

    I am a firm believer in creating printed artwork for my clients and my studio, Jordyn Photography, specialises in print product ranges only. 

    My goal is to capture a series of photographs of my clients fur kids (Woofers) in a way that my clients will want to purchase a large portrait to display proudly in their home, just as they would their own child!


    Please do not hesitate, this three day workshop is limited to just six Photographers. If you are ready NOW, if you know NOW is the right time to make your business photographing dogs successful, REGISTER TODAY!

    This three day workshop will take place at the Jordyn Photography studio in Moonee Ponds.

    You can reach Mary Trantino on (03) 9448 2303 or for further questions.